So what is your New Year’s resolution for 2019? Does it include, getting fit? Waking up early and going to the gym or for a walk? How are you taking care of your resolutions? For a lot people, one of the item that tops the priority is to save money in any way possible. One of the ways to save money is to cut back on those monthly subscription bills that may initially seem to be reasonable but gradually start to mount. Obviously cutting out on the basic necessities may seem to be out of question but you can carry out a check to see which item can be surely eliminated. One of them being the cable or the satellite TV bills. On an average, every household is paying more than $80 per month for cable bills.

But if you plan to cut the cord and adhere to this resolution, then by the time you are making the next year’s resolution list you would have saved more than $1000. But what next after cutting the cord. Surely this is the question that runs in every new cord-cutters mind. There is no need to worry since the rise in online services and also the comeback of TV antennas has provided multiple options to its viewers. You can still enjoy a lot of all the favourite content including your shows, movies, sports and live programming without the need for a cable.

TV antennas: Yes, the TV antennas are back with a lot to offer for its viewers. These ones are not those olden days’ bunny ears. Instead they have changed a lot in terms of its design and also the signal picking strength. For viewing broadcast networks on TV there is no need to go in for cable since the over-the-air local channels are made available absolutely free of cost for its viewers. All you would need is a TV antenna that can pick up the channels available in your area. The antennas have become stronger over the years and some of them also have amplifiers to boost its strength.

Streaming devices: For those of you who also wish to watch online entertainment then you would need a smart TV or any other compatible device wherein there are services such as Amazon, Netflix and so on. You can also get streaming devices such as Roku Stick, Amazon Fire TV stick, Apple TV, and many such which provide local channel as well as the online entertainment and live programming at a reasonable pricing.

Online streaming services: There has been a lot of content being made available online. All you would need to do is pick the best service that fulfills all of your entertainment wish list. You can choose from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Youtube and so on. All you would need is to choose the best pack and get a good internet connection. Most of these services also offer free trial packs for a week or a month which you can try out before paying the monthly or yearly subscription.